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The summer is coming here in Norway! Whoho. Been listening to the new Les Loups albums a lot and it’s defiantly a summer hit. In addition, I’ve also listened a lot to John Talabot. The spanish producer uses different type of mystical sounds with a catchy touch. Enjoy your easter!

Destiny feat. Pional by John Talabot

So will be now… (feat. Pional) by John Talabot

Les Loups Album!!

Hey guys. I hope you remember my post about Les Loups, if not take a look here. Their new album called Club Cœur. This is what the band wrote about their debut album. “Club Cœur is the long-awaited debut LP from Les Loups (Facebook). The album features many of the bands very first productions, as the work on it began in winter 2010. Now, over a year later, the three wolves finally release a refined and reworked version of Club Cœur. “

Please support them and listen to their stuff. What an amazing group.

Peace, Norway.

More RAC!

RAC’ remix of Blue Jeans by Lana Del Rey.

New bonobo sounds

Some new sounds from bonobo. Amazingly outstanding ones!

Some danish disco/electronica ish which i’ve received in my SoundCloud inbox. Have a listen, it sounds great.


Booka classic. God this song gives me goosebumps.

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Max & Flo

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